On Our Way

Whether the swine flu becomes a significant pandemic or simply another passing media sensation remains to be seen. The borders are still open — at least to the few brave souls willing to travel these days.

I am currently sitting in the Maple Leaf Club lounge awaiting the boarding of our flight. We arrived at the airport at 5:15 this morning which meant an early start. We were up at 4am. The longest part of the airport process was checking our bags. There was no line up for security or customs. And the customs officer asked me only three questions: “Where are you going?”, “What is the purpose of your trip?” and “How long will you be staying in the United States?”.

The airport lounge is basically empty. Perhaps this is not a prime travel day or perhaps it is the fear that the media has created. Although there are reports of increased cases of the swine flu in Toronto, I see no evidence of any concern. And there was no thermal imaging when we crossed customs.

We will arrive in Phoenix at around 9:15am local time. We head to Sedona and the weather forecast is mixed: cloudy with isolated thunderstorms. Hopefully the rain holds back. Photographs are far more dynamic when weather is active however the photographer is burdened with a higher degree of risk when using a tripod in the middle of a thunderstorm. We’ll see how today goes.

We will be checking in to our resort in Scottsdale tomorrow. The weather forecast for the rest of the week is less exciting: sunny and warm. How warm? Mid to upper 90s. On the day that we have booked an 8-hour walking hike in the desert, the temperature will be above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. I have also rented a high-end road bike for the week. Our resort is very close to Cave Creek and the Carefree Highway — prime riding opportunities. Cycling the desert in high temperatures should prove interesting.

As I am able, I will post photos and events as they unfold this week. Hard to believe that 30 years of marriage is now behind us. We reflected on all of the many blessings that we have enjoyed together in this life. Our journey together has been wonderful.

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