The dental surgery took place on Monday. And five days later, I am finally starting to get an easing of the intense jaw pain. I used painkillers for the first two days but decided to tough it out. There were a few moments when I wanted to dive back in with the hard meds. But I did not.

I can tell that I am doing better. I resumed spinning on the bike. Still a bit too cold and blustery outside to try an outdoor ride but it is nice to get back into a routine again. I am also playing drums this week-end and I was able to get through rehearsals this morning without too much pain. Still popping the 400mg etra-strength Advils, but down to two or three a day.

I will keep on soft foods until the jaw heals up. The dental surgeon called me on Thursday night to see how things were going. He thought that I would be able to get back into solid foods in another week or so. Although I am consuming a reasonable amount of calories, the mostly liquid diet doesn’t do much to contain hunger. Eating at work next week should prove interesting.

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