Billy Bob Thornton

This was a really, really odd interview. Looks like Billy Bob was running on stronger painkillers than me.

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  1. Harvey Kirkpatrick
    Harvey Kirkpatrick says:

    I ‘could’ sort of appreciate his anger if Ghomeshi didn”™t follow orders, but it seems as though topics to steer clear from weren”™t clearly outlined by someone (either BBT or the producers). Regardless, I think Ghomeshi handled the stress and uncomfortableness like a champ, while BBT’s reaction makes him look like a child. Quick someone get him an ice cream cone, and set up his drums. No wonder Angelina left him.

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    It is clear that BBT was “upset” that his acting career was brought up as part of the introduction at the front of the interview. And it is also clear that he decided right then to cripple the interview by his responses. The way of handling his anger was, in my opinion, very childish. This band would be unknown if it weren’t for BBT’s acting career.

  3. Michael
    Michael says:

    Pretty pathetic. But then again, his life is one very interesting, and self indulgent, ride.

    He would get along well with Joaquin Phoenix.

    Oh yah, and Canada is ‘mash with no gravy’. Go home Billy Bob.


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