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Yesterday afternoon I underwent dental surgery. Two rear molars had to be removed. I do not remember much about what happened. In fact, after I left the surgeon’s office, I have no memories of last night at all.

The surgeon told me that I would need two days minimum for recovery. And I can see why. When I woke up this morning I was mentally alert. But not ready for prime time. I had another falling down experience in the washroom. One moment I was standing, the next moment I hit the ground. Bit cross with myself as I am not able to move around independently and it was foolish for me to try as I am still recovering from the sedation as well as from the surgery. Fortunately, when I fell, I did not go down on my head. I took out a fair section of drywall with one elbow and gave the other elbow a good bruising.

The pain from the surgery is really, really intense. I am on some strong medications right now and they are doing the job. Getting some much needed calories into my system will be a challenge. I was able to take in a protein shake this morning. I won’t be chewing food for a while yet.

I have no idea whether this blog post is making any sense. For those of you concerned about my status, I am fine. I will try to relax over the next few days — not a strong point for me — and my wife, as always, is taking good care of me.

Oh, and no spinning on the bike for the next few days.

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  1. Mike Purvis
    Mike Purvis says:

    I had my four wisdom teeth out on the Canada Day weekend two years ago. They’d been beginning to ache fairly regularly and it was something I wouldn’t have wanted to deal with while overseas.

    I went out to see a movie that night with the friend who was taking care of me, and we actually ran into the secretary from the oral surgeon’s office, who was there with her kids. She recognized the pair of us and laughed””said it was fine to be up and around, as long as I was eating that slushy with a spoon and not a straw.

    Fortunately, the recovery went extremely quickly and smoothly for me, so I hardly ended up taking any of the prescribed painkillers. But I know that how smoothly it goes is a function of many factors; I hope the remainder of your recovery proceeds well.


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