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As mentioned yesterday, I wanted to share a few observations from my time with Aaron Kim earlier this week. He delivered an excellent overview of the trends behind Web 2.0 with some interesting Canadian data points.

At a very high level, Web 1.0 is viewed as the “read-only” Web. Although somewhat arbitrary, the read-only Web consisted of roughly 250,000 websites offering content to roughly 45 million global users. There was little collaboration in the Web 1.0 model. Web 2.0, the “read-write” Web, engages well over a billion global users with the content of 80 million or so websites.

In Canada, over 28 million people have broadband access to the Internet. 84 percent of the population is online. And of that number, 86 percent of online Canadians regularly visit a social networking site like Facebook.

Aaron shared a model to profile online users:

  • Creators: people who write blogs or publish their own websites
  • Critics: people who post comments on blogs or feedback on articles
  • Connectors: people who subscribe to feeds from websites
  • Joiners: people who participate in social networking
  • Spectators: people who read or consume content
  • Inactives: people who do nothing

In Canada, most of the population are Joiners, Spectators and Inactives however the number of people who are becoming Creators, Critics and Connectors has grown significantly.

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