Abrams Falls

I usually consult the web to get a sense of where to shoot landscapes when I travel. Photographers that have been out to places like the Great Smoky Mountains will share their experiences in terms of finding great spots to shoot.

Based on the advice of one of these folks, we drove three hours round-trip and hiked three hours round-trip to shoot Abrams Falls.

Only one little detail had been left out from the photographer’s experience of shooting Abrams Falls: the crowds. Even though we arrived quite late in the day — almost six o’clock — there were dozens of people milling around the front of the falls. Which meant that I really had no shot. I tried lots of different angles and perspectives and frankly only got one good frame. I suppose we could have tried the early morning run to beat the crowds. Lesson learned. If you want to shoot those particular falls, be on the trail head before sunrise.

The hike itself was wonderful. And I enjoyed the time with my family. Here is the one frame with an Ansel Adams treatment:


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