Close Call

I came very close to a serious head injury last night.

I woke up during the night to use the washroom. I’m not sure what happened but I found myself on the floor with my wife asking me if I was okay. She was asking me if I had a heart attack. I was completely disoriented.

I had blacked out in the washroom. I had fallen to the floor. I had hit my head on the floor. Hard.

Perhaps I was still in that odd state of not being awake and not being asleep. Maybe I just fell asleep standing up and went down.

Dazed, shaken and in some pain, I went back to bed. I wasn’t sure whether I would wake up in the morning. But I did.

Everything seems okay this morning although I do have a headache. Going back to the scene of the fall, I cannot believe that I fell to the floor without hitting the tub or the counter of the sink. Although the ensuite is a decent size, I had managed to fall to a very limited area that allowed my body to completely miss hard corners.

I was fortunate.

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  1. rod
    rod says:

    you have to stop that binge drinking on vacation !! LOL (KIDDING – for anyone who reads this…)

    seriously – glad you’re ok. I’m heading down to Atlanta tomorrow – I’ll wave on the way by!)


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