Specialized Roubaix Expert

After having logged thousands of kilometres on the old Trek 2200, it was time to trade the old machine in for a new bike.

The Trek 2200 was a pretty good machine for the money. An entry level road bike with aluminum frame, carbon forks and rear seat stay, decent wheels and, surprisingly enough, an Ultegra groupset.

The new machine is a Specialized Roubaix Expert. I liked the Pro as well but the cost for that bike is too high for me. The Expert offers the same carbon fibre frame and most of the same hardware but features the Ultegra SL groupset and wheels instead of Dura-Ace and Roval Roubaix.

Some good deals out there given the time of year and the state of the economy. I get fitted for the bike on Friday and should have it within a few weeks. I’ll continue to spin indoors until the season opens up in a couple of months. Roubaix bikes are renowned for their comfort and for this 50 plus rider, comfort becomes a more important attribute when riding.


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