Trailer Trash Pedal Board

I wired up the pedal board last night and I am really pleased with the result. First up is a shot of the old pedal board:


And here are some shots of the finished pedal board. Much cleaner and much easier to use.





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  1. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    It looks great, but you also did away with the chorus and compressor (I think). Any reason why? Was it a space issue, or that you just don’t use them?

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    There was a noise suppressor on the old board. Never used it. I did put in the Analog Man Orange Squeezer — that is a compressor and I do use that one.

    The VooDoo Labs Analog Chorus has a really annoying “feature”. It boosts the volume significantly when it kicks in. As a consequence, I never used that pedal either. Added in a wah pedal as I do find myself using it from time to time.

    Most of my tone comes through my hands, the guitar and the amp. Outside of a bit of delay, I don’t make much use of pedals. Old school I guess 😉

  3. graham stuart
    graham stuart says:

    hey there,
    I loved seeing your pedal board- i am in the market for one right now.
    Was your TT pedal board a “stock” board? Have you done wiring before, and how hard is it?
    Any chance of an email reply?



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