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Headed into Toronto this evening as I have a series of meetings here tomorrow. After I settled into the hotel, I decided to drop by the new Cosmo Music Superstore in Richmond Hill. I was looking for some George L’s as my Trailer Trash Pedal Board came in yesterday. And I will be rewiring the pedal board over the week-end.

What a store. One of the staff was good enough to walk me through some of the special features of this location. Aside from tempting me with a new Suhr or Tom Anderson, he took me into a special room that models different halls. If you want to hear what your instrument sounds like in a cathedral, this room will model the acoustic space in a pretty compelling way.

I have traveled widely across Canada and the United States and I have been in a number of guitar superstores. Cosmo is certainly one of the best I have seen. Most impressive.

And maybe I might be swayed to a particular model of Suhr. Andrew said he would cut me a great deal on this guitar.



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  1. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    I did check out a grand piano in the acoustic modeling room. And it was quite compelling to hear the piano in the context of a cathedral.

    To be candid, I play in so many different acoustic environments that I’m not sure how helpful this would be in terms of narrowing down a choice of guitar, bass or drums.

    For concert instruments I could see such a room being very handy to get a sense of the voice of the instrument in a larger acoustic space.


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