Red Alert

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 from Electronic Arts is coming to the Mac late March, 2009. I really enjoyed this game franchise on the PC. But since we brought the XBOX platform into the house, we have basically stopped buying any PC games. Might make an exception for this one though. Just for old times sake.

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  1. rodmartin
    rodmartin says:

    OH I CAN’T WAIT…. my all time favorite game…. Jonathan and I still go head to head on C&C Generals once in a while (I never win anymore lol)

  2. Harvey Kirkpatrick
    Harvey Kirkpatrick says:

    I haven’t played one of these types of games since the days of Sim City 3000, and Civ N. I stopped playing because I have a bit of a problem with these sorts of building, upgrading, fighting, expanding, conquering etc… games. I love them and they consume my life. Probably the reason I never got into WoW, but you best not be bragging too much about how awesome this is for my sake. I am easily swayed, and the screen grab looks awesome!


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