Mean and Nasty

Every once in a while I can relate to this post:

Trolls. Flamers. Meanies. Vicious. Not Nice. Unkind. Rude. Inconsiderate. Nasty. Whining…

Where there are humans, you will find humans who seem to have more than their share of these personality traits. Blogging is no exception.

Even the most non-controversial blogs, like this one, is the target of the blogging thug, mean spirited bloggers and commenters who just have to say nasty things when they can, for whatever reason they want to revel in.

Accusations run from just mean comments to outright lies about you and your blog.

I”™m not talking about rip-roaring debates or enthusiastic arguments. I”™m talking about old fashion meanness.

I was on the receiving end of one of those mean and nasty folks today. Not even sure why. It is surprising the sting that words can have. Even if those words come from a complete stranger.

Although it did hurt for a few minutes it was easy to just delete the nonsense and move on.

Strange world.

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