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Nicholas Carr ponders the essence of Guitar Hero and extends the experience as consumerism.

More Facebook fun. The Whopper Sacrifice. Except that Facebook shut it down. How many friends would you sacrifice for a hamburger?

Order versus disorder. Surroundings do matter.

Microsoft geeks espouse an email management system called Pay It Forward Email Management. You can call it PIFEM.

Looks like Jonathan Schwartz hasn’t blogged since November. Could this be why?

Twitter carries the real-time web on the news of Steve Jobs. Is CNN in danger?

What the Fake Steve Jobs really thinks about Steve Jobs.

A bit blunt but certainly like my own experience with the Windows 7 beta.  At best Vista SP2. Maybe that’s why it is coming out so quickly after Vista.

The New York Times has an impressive collection called 2008 — The Year In Pictures. Set a little time aside to watch this one.

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