Gilbert Donovan

Every so often I come across a vocalist of remarkable talent. Destined to become a superstar. And I have come across such a talent in Gilbert Donovan.

From his MySpace page:

Gilbert has had a musical, magical life and the gift that Heaven gave him has put him where he is today. Unemployed, unsigned and unfamiliar to the public. As a young boy he sang in the church choir, where he remembers the pastor complimenting him saying his voice was unlike anything he’d ever heard. His teen years found him playing local high school dances and the county fair but it didn’t take long before Gilbert’s hometown let him know he wasn’t where he belonged. Perhaps it was his late uncle Winston’s inspiring words, “Son, with a voice like that you don’t need to be singing around here” that finally pushed him to go to Nashville and chase his dream. So Gilbert moved to Nashville in 1982 and has been on the verge of a record deal ever since.

Gilbert, backed by a stellar band of players, can be heard at his MySpace page. Tequila Sunrise brought tears to my eyes.

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