Bob Rae Down and Out

Canadian Press is reporting that Stéphane Dion will resign as Liberal leader today. Finally.

And CP is also reporting that Ignatieff is expected to be installed as leader Wednesday by a vote of party MPs and senators. I doubt that Rae is happy with the news.

The Globe and Mail reported today that:

There is nervousness among Ontario Liberals… that Mr. Rae’s tenure as the province’s NDP premier during a difficult economic period would hurt the party now if he became leader.

Over the past couple of weeks there has been a real spike in people accessing this post from two years ago. And a few people posting new comments to that old post. 

There is good reason for people in Ontario to be nervous about Bob Rae. 

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Rae”™s Double Standard. Rae wants Caucus vote stopped. It”™s Undemocratic!!!

    Let the Liberal Party Pres. & Caucus Chair know that you think that imposing a PM on this nation that wasn”™t elected is UNDEMOCRATIC!!! E-mail addresses are below.

    Question for Rae: When Liberals stabbed Canada”™s PM Chrétien in the back and dumped him for Martin, did the Libs hold a “one-member-one-vote democratic leadership selection”?. LIBS: STOP IMPOSING YOUR CHOICE OF PM ON CANADIANS.

    “”””Amid reports the Liberal caucus in Ottawa is about to hand the Liberal leadership to Michael Ignatieff, fellow leadership candidate Bob Rae has sent out a mass e-mail to party members urging them to “put a stop”? to a movement to allow caucus ”“ and not the membership ”“ to select a new leader.
    “Let”™s urge everyone in a position to influence this to put a stop to this hasty, ill-considered idea before it goes any further,”? Rae wrote in an e-mail sent from “I urge you to contact your nearest Liberal Member of Parliament, and any of the following, to let them know how you feel about this attempt to take away your vote.”?
    In the e-mail he said “some suggesting that the entire leadership process should be replaced with a single, secret vote to be held in a closed meeting of the 76 MPs, next week”? is the “wrong thing for our Party.”?
    “I believe that ordinary Liberal volunteers must have a direct say in choosing the new Leader. That”™s the only way to go.”?
    He provided party members with their protest to contact president Doug Ferguson at

    or “Commons Caucus Chair Anthony Rota”? at


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