Stephane Dion and Hot Air

I watched the Prime Minister present his case to the people of Canada this evening. Pretty much what I expected. Stephane Dion’s presentation was also what I expected.

And a bit more.

Stephane Dion’s tape arrived late and the reporters at the CBC commented on the poor quality of the Liberal communications office. They were not sure if they could extend their time to allow the tape to roll. But they did.

What I found particularly funny was that no one checked the background set behind Stephane Dion. I was actually a bit distracted by the bookshelves behind Dion and I began to read the titles near his head. Prominent on the left side of the screen was a large book with the following title in capital letters:


I suspect that I was not the only one to catch the gaffe.

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  1. Mark Bowden
    Mark Bowden says:

    It’s worse than that.

    First “Hot Air” and next to it a title “365 Jour” and in front of them both above Dion a big wooden stick.

    I kid you not! Just look!

    Hot Air 365 days a year hitting you like a stick.
    If this is a mistake then I’ve never seen one as bad. Looks to me like Dion’s own team stitched him up.

  2. mrr5
    mrr5 says:

    I’m waiting for a clear screenshot or video of that to be posted on the net. All the videos and photos right now either have poor resolution (or have possibly been doctored).

  3. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    The books on the shelf were not doctored. The book”Hot Air” was published by McClelland. The focus of the book is on meeting Canada’s climate change challenge. It was written by Jeffrey Simpson, Mark Jaccard and Nic Rivers. You can find it here. Not surprised that Dion had the book. Just surprised that it was positioned in the shot as it adds to the nature of an amateur production.


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