Viva Las Vegas

In Las Vegas attending a technology conference. I had a chance to get in a day before the sessions started and took advantage of the time to go to Red Rock Canyon. Some great photo opportunities at that location. I will post some of the photos once I am back in town.

I will say that no one has told Las Vegas that we are in the midst of an economic crisis. The hotels are jammed and there are a lot of people on the streets and in the casinos.

The conference proceedings have been great so far. And I have met several of my colleagues and friends from my former company. Certainly can be a small world. Great to see these folks.

Despite the glitter and the crowds in Vegas there is no question that a common topic for discussion in the conference proceedings is the economy.

It is always tough to be in business. Digging out of this current turmoil will be really challenging.

Oh. The weather is perfect. Sunny and very warm. Sorry about that Ontario.

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