My youngest son completed a “thankfulist” last night. Here it is:

What I’m thankful for and why I’m thankful for it…

My new home… because it’s nice
My family… because they are caring
The sun… because it gives us light
Toys… because what else will I do
My computer… because it’s very effective
My new school… because the people are nice
My new church… because this church gives us respect
My new friends… because they aren’t annoying
My new life… because it’s better and I’m able to change
Being a Christian… because it’s a good choice

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  1. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    What a refreshing list of thoughts. Not at all apparent in most youth these days. You must be very proud and no doubt it is a direct result of your parenting and mentoring. Well done, Richard!


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