Today is Monday

What happened on the week-end: I finished mixing a set of performance tracks for one of the projects I did last year. My son was home from university for the week-end. I installed a new Blu-ray player in the home theater — what a difference in image and sound! I did live sound and I played bass. Almost at the same time. I hiked Frontenac Provincial Park and got some great fall pictures.

What I am doing right now: In my office working on the last set of digital photos from the hike.

On my to-do list this week: Review the household finances given all of the recent market turmoil. Not a lot to do except to reprice the investment portfolio. That will hurt. Need to vote tomorrow. Also need to start painting one of the rooms in the house.

Avoiding: The lawn. Hired someone to cut the lawn last week as my back was shot. My back is fine and the grass has grown.

Videos I am watching this week: The Mummy 2 on the big screen home theater tonight.

Books I am reading this week: Friedman’s Hot, Flat and Crowded. If the death spiral of the market hasn’t cheered you up, this is the book for you.

On rotation: Jeremy Riddle.

How I”™m feeling about life this week: really enjoying this new life in Kingston.

What am I missing: a daily newspaper. I hit the Globe and Mail online but the experience is not the same.

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