Digidesign recently released a software plugin for electric guitar called Eleven. I brought down the demo this evening. I had a few minutes to play around with it and I laid down the following instrumental track:

Eleven Demo

The track is a bit rough as it was a series of quick passes — no edits just straight playing like the good old days. I used an existing session for the multi-track drums. I played the Fender Jazz bass for the bass track, I played a Korg Triton Synth for the three synth tracks and I played my Fender Strat for the three electric guitar tracks. All of the instruments went direct into Radial JDI boxes and through Millenia Media preamps straight into Pro Tools.

I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the sounds from the software plug-in.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    ‘Morning, Richard,

    I as well have tested out this Digidesign product – I bought the full license to Guitar Rig 3 a while ago and am enjoying it. It is a huge memory hog, though. While I have 4 Gb of memory, more than 3 instances of this application in a tune really slows things up.

    I need to do some research to see what sort of impacts Eleven has on memory and to see if there any incremental advantages to purchasing this one. One only needs so many effects.

    My all time favourite of course is a vintage ES-335 straight out a pair of Mesa Boogie MK III’s – no effects at all. Just pure tone!

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hi Rob,

    Eleven allows you to “write” the tone as a processed audio track thereby eliminating the need for an active plugin. It would not be efficient to process numerous guitar tracks with either RTAS or TDM.

    And yes, although the plugins are mighty impressive, there is nothing quite like the live sound of a great sounding rig!

  3. Rob
    Rob says:

    mmm…good info to know….so, I’m leaning towards Eleven…I’m at about 9.85 now 🙂

    One good thing so far, which Eleven may replicate, is that there is a forum of GTR3 users who post their custom settings which are then down-loadable. I have now since acquired about 50-75 very usable patches, without having to spend time to create my own. I either use as is, or sometimes just a tweak is needed. I wonder if Digidesign/Eleven will follow suit, if they have not already.


  4. Rob
    Rob says:

    As far as presets go in GTR3 there are 300 presets, but I do like the ability to build a rack of your own from cabinets and components and ”˜mics and then save it. The downloadable ‘other user’ capability is a bonus.

    I think I will likely buy Eleven anyway – I like the design, look and feel and operability of Digidesign Products – very stable and intuitive.

  5. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    Hi, Richard, a rather late (to this original post), and somewhat unrelated question…will you be diving into PT 8? Seems to include an updated GUI, expanded track capability, new plug ins amongst other enhancements…..to be released soon.


    Hope all is well….Rob

  6. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    I like to give the new releases some time to settle in before I upgrade. I have a very firm and stable release and I do not see anything overwhelming in 8 that would push me to an early adoption.

    I also have that little matter of building the new studio 😉


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