Sound Waves

A few folks have asked to see the new line array that fronts the home theater. Here it is:

To give a bit of a sense of scale, the screen is 10 feet diagonal as compared to a 50″ inch flat panel which is just over 4 feet diagonal. The B&Ws line the front array. The centre speaker is on blocks for now as I am still waiting for the speaker stand to come in. Obviously a significantly better line array than the 6-inch diameter ceiling speakers it replaced.

The subwoofer on the far right is a pretty large unit. It weighs somewhere north of 150 pounds. Here is a closeup of the sub:

It draws a lot of power and requires specialized cooling. This is what I had to install in the utility room to make sure the sub did not overheat:

Alas a feeble attempt at humor. The sub requires no specialized cooling technology.

Aside from the front three speakers — which I had to buy new — I brought the sub and two surrounds with me from our previous house. Very pleased with the sound quality of the system.

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