I decided to watch the two debates last night. I started with the U.S. Vice-presidential debates secretly hoping to witness a train wreck. Although she lacked any real substance, Sarah Palin was more confident and “folksy”. After 30 minutes or so, once it became obvious that she would not crash and burn, I decided to turn my attention to the Canadian debate.

4 on 1. It actually became tiring after a while. Whine. Attack. Whine. Attack. I’m sure Harper is relieved that these debates are over.

The only chuckle I had was when someone asked the panel what they would do on day one if they became prime minister. Gilles Duceppe had the line of the night. Stating the obvious, Gilles Duceppe acknowledged that he won’t be prime minister. Looking at Dion, Layton and May, he went further: “And three of you won’t be prime minister either.”

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