Studio Back Up

The studio is back online! I have a temporary mix room that I am setting up while we go through the process of designing and building the new studio. With a mix room I can get back to work on a couple of projects. One of the projects is a remix of tracks for a compilation CD.

In many ways, it was a huge accomplishment to get the studio back online. Taking the equipment down, moving it and then bringing it back up introduces a lot of variables. Since I am not tracking for the next while, I was able to get playback going with only 100 or so connections. Good thing I had all of the cables appropriately labeled.

Moving the console and dozens of boxes of gear had a nasty side effect. My back. I can barely move right now. The muscles are basically locked and I am in quite a bit of pain. But hearing a multi-track session play through the Genelecs made me forget about the pain.

Here is a photo of the rig. Although it is a temporary room I do need to put up a bit of acoustic treatment. It is a small space with a really poor ratio for critical listening.

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