Too Fast

The installation of the high-speed wireless Internet service from Xplornet happened over lunch today. I had a chance to speak with one of the installers. And, naturally, I asked him about the performance.

“Will I get close to the 5 Mbps?”
He chuckled. “No sir. The service starts at 5 Mbps.”

I got hold of the results for the new service. First up is the before service where my Internet access had crawled to a halt. I was averaging on a good day about 750 kbps although there was one brief moment where the service peaked at 1.3 Mbps. More often than not, the service was running below 500 kbps. Which meant that the web was unusable for anything other than email. Even simple web page loads were taking 20 to 30 seconds to render on the browser.

With Kingston Online:

With Xplornet:

On some of the servers, I was getting over 8 Mbps! Imagine getting a service where they deliver more than what they promised. Kingston Online capped me at 20GB per month. Xplornet provides unlimited bandwidth — for the duration of my contract. That could change over time but it is wonderful to be back on a high-speed unlimited service.


On an unrelated note, I have canceled all further sessions with my therapist. And many thanks to the folks who wrote to me and suggested Xplornet. That suggestion really paid off.

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    James says:

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