How Bad Is It?

Pretty bad. Average speed to the web is under 800kbps. At least I can take comfort in that I am amongst the slowest 16 percent of Internet users in Ontario. It can only go up from here.

The DSL modem arrives on Monday. Until then I get to experience the good old days of dial-up.

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  1. Ross
    Ross says:

    I still cannot believe you are moaning at under 800kbps, what are you doing, downloading films? For everyday internet that is perfect it will render websites in a few seconds.

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hi Ross,

    First up, the range is anywhere between 300 – 500kbps most of the time. Average is 768kbps on the rare times in which the service goes to 800 or 900 kbps. I did have one brief moment of hope when the pipe went to 1.3mbps. That only lasted for the duration of the speed test.

    For everyday Internet use, the performance is incredibly slow. Most of the time my Internet access is unusable. Hours to download operating system and application updates. 10 – 20 minutes to open 3 – 5 megabyte pdf files. Google pages take 30 seconds or more to load.

    As for any kind of streaming media, completely unusable.

    If you were paying a premium for high-speed access and getting this kind of online experience you would be moaning as well 🙂


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