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The move to Kingston has finished. Almost. We do not close on our new home until next Thursday. In the meantime our household possessions remain in a 53-foot trailer — locked in a highly secure compound. And the studio gear remains locked in a secured climate controlled storage unit.

The Cleaver family remain locked in secure climate controlled hotel rooms.

A little bit of a hiccup with respect to Internet access from my hotel room. It is supposed to provide high speed Internet access but the wire in our room is black. The hotel won’t be able to fix it until sometime after we get our new house.

No Internet access? For nine days?

No way.

My kids are in an adjacent room. Their high speed Internet access is working just fine.

Like most hotel guests, I carry a wireless router with me. Specifically, an Airport Extreme wireless router. A bit of technology voodoo was needed to configure the router appropriately and voila. My kids Internet access is now streaming over the air on a secured wireless router. I am online in my room.

I remain a helpless geek.

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