Moving Day

Moving day is fast approaching. On Monday, a team will descend on our household to pack everything up. The movers seem confident that they can pack the house in two days.

I wish them well.

So now, after ten years, we move on. And I am very excited about the change.

Unlike this move, I had very mixed feelings when we left London to come to the GTA. We spent almost two decades living in London. We had built a beautiful home in that community. And we were very connected. There were many times over the past decade when I found myself longing to be back in London.

Part of the issue was that Newmarket never felt like home to me. I always had a sense of not being part of the community. It was a place to sleep during the week and a place to do chores during the week-end. The commute, which consumed almost four hours a day, was certainly a factor.

I will miss my friends and my former colleagues. Many of them are following my adventures through this blog.

I am also so thankful that we have a company moving the house. Moving the studio was a pointed reminder of how much work it is to move a house. Although we have a few things to do to get ready for the movers, we won’t be doing the heavy lifting.

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