The Last Commute

Today will be my last day commuting between Toronto and Kingston. Hard to believe how quickly things have changed for me and my family over the past few months.

We have left our current home from an emotional perspective and we are not yet at a new home. Hard to describe but there is a sense of not fully belonging right now. Caught between two environments and not settled. 

There is still quite a bit of work ahead of us to get settled. The movers start packing this coming Monday. We leave our current house on the Wednesday. And then, nine days later, we move in to the new home.

Right now there is a bit of a lull in all of the frenetic activity associated with moving. I am hoping that the family will get a bit of a break next week as we will be staying in a hotel for the gap between closing dates. A chance to be tourists in our new town. I will continue to be working during the gap but I hope to do some exploring of the region with my family and perhaps some landscape photography as time permits.

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