I started work on packing up the studio last night. This is one part of the move that will be handled directly by me. It is going to take some time. Even though I am very much in-the-box in terms of audio processing, I still have a significant amount of outboard.

Fortunately, I have all of the original boxes from when the equipment was first purchased.

I do have a few decisions to make with respect to obsolete equipment. As you can see in the next picture, I have two ADATs and a D5 DAT recorder. All in excellent condition with the original box and manuals. They need a good home as I will not be moving them to the new studio. I have about a dozen other pieces including a 32-channel D&R 4000 console that will not be making the trip. They also need a good home. It would be a shame to see them wind up in a landfill site.

And cables. They look so friendly. Until they begin to reproduce. I have several hundred more to organize and pack.

Three weeks remain before we move. Panic has firmly set in.

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