Week In Review

From my travels on the web last week.

Why Windows could use a rush of fresh air. I agree.

Our lawn mower died last week. It was almost 20 years old. In doing our part for the environment we replaced it with a manual reel mower.

Pendrive Linux. There is something cool about being able to carry a bootable operating system on a USB thumb drive. I am a hopeless geek.

An epic Bill Gates email rant.

This ad for the HP SmartTouch is amazing. Not sure about the computer but the ad is pure creative genius.

I had the pleasure of meeting Benjamin Zander a couple of years ago. He is on video at TED. Worth a look if you have not heard him before.

Become a professional musician. In an instant. Here.

I can’t hear this tone. But my kids can. So much for my golden ears.

Dominic Frasca is one amazing player. See for yourself on this video:

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