Week In Review

Websites of interest over the past little while.

Blackberry addiction is similar to drugs.

Now that I am retired, I am learning how to nap.

If you have a Dunlop GCB-95 Cry Baby Wah then you need to make some modifications.

Now this is a pedal board for real guitarists.

An eye for detail as this blogger highlights some issues with Firefox and its UI under Mac OS X.

After driving a midrange digital console for live sound last week, I decided to take a look at some other boards. This one by Soundcraft looks pretty cool.

Curious as to what aging rock stars require in their riders? Here is Iggy Pop’s concert rider. A fun read.

Software plugins versus hardware. Which one sounds better? The analog guys will say hardware. The digital guys will say software. This little test shows that most cannot tell the difference. And if the golden-eared crew cannot tell then does the average listener even care?

A field test of the Leica M8. This professional photographer was not at all impressed.

Aside from learning to nap, I had to learn a few other things about retirement. Financial things. I think I need to go back to work.

This is when you know you have too much spare time on your hands.

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