Mercy Train

I was asked to do live sound for Mercy Train at an outdoor concert. The event was a great venue for the band’s music and I was pleased to be able to do the FOH mix. I had worked on one of their CDs last year and I am currently tracking their second CD.

Between Lorraine and myself, we took several hundred photos. I can only share a couple of them here. A few shots highlight the Yamaha M7CL digital console and the rest of the shots highlight the band.

Great sound system, mics and backline. Top flight. And the band did an amazing job. What a great memory.

The Yamaha M7CL board was a real delight to use. Simple and intuitive. Excellent for live sound.

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  1. Vicki Schleifer
    Vicki Schleifer says:

    Hi. I would like to contact Mercy Train and I don’t have a web address or email for them. I wondered if you could share contact info with me. I heard that the concert was amazing. Our station was represented there, but I was not able to attend that night. thanks for your help,


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