New Camera Body

Okay. I did upgrade my Nikon D200 to the new D300. The CMOS sensor tipped the scale. This is one amazing D-SLR. I have a little break coming up and I plan to make a few photo trips up north. In the interim, I have a 421-page manual to digest.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Wow, nice rig….I am not sure how your pictures can get any better, though. I look forward to seeing some after you have digested that tome.

    And re: manuals – if boggles my mind how any user friendly, well built appliance, software package or electronic device requires a manual exceeding 400 pages. I think my Pro Tools manual exceeds 700. What a complex world in which we live. Rob

  2. JWC
    JWC says:

    Hello –
    Thought you might be interested in Microsoft’s Live Labs new release. It is called Photosynth and it lets you create your own panoramic or time lapse photos. Still very much in a beta-stage but you can create a profile and upload your own synths now.


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