Week in Review

From my travels on the web last week.

50 reasons to switch from Microsoft Windows to Apple’s Mac OS X.

Bill Gates on the difference between Microsoft and Apple. What is that difference? Apple rolls out polished product where Microsoft rolls out iffy product.

Has Vista has damaged the Windows brand? Gates says Microsoft”™s philosophy is to “do things better.”? And Vista has given Microsoft lots of opportunity to do that, he notes. More fascinating insights from the D6 interview with Gates and Ballmer here.

Lessons from the death of HD-DVD. What I found interesting in this article was the role that Microsoft played in the format wars. Was it really all about Microsoft?

An introduction to recording studio design. Just in case you have to build a new studio. Again.

We now have six Macs in the house. One is old and currently unused. What do you do with an old iMac? Flickr has some ideas here.

Well, what more do you really need in a business card?

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