The big decision that I have been wrestling with over the past several weeks was a career decision. I have taken early retirement from my current role as an executive at a large Canadian bank. I have also been offered the opportunity to take on a Chief Information Officer role with a Canadian insurance company and I accepted that role. My retirement will be very short — regeneration. But I am very much looking forward to the new challenge and opportunity.

This was a big decision for our family because it also means that we are moving. After almost ten years in our current home, we will be making the move to Kingston, Ontario. Kingston, recently rated as one of the top places to live in Canada, is a community more like London, Ontario. We had lived in London for eighteen years and we really enjoyed being part of that community. We are looking forward to the move to Kingston as it shares many of the attributes of London albeit with a smaller population.

There are many things that I will miss from my current role. I was blessed to work with an exceptional group of people at the bank and I will deeply miss them. Serving as an Information Technology executive in a very large-scale technology group was a challenging and rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to meet and work with so many bright and capable people and I made many good friendships along the way.

I will definitely not miss the four-hours-a-day commute and the chaos that is Toronto. Too many people and too little infrastructure. The edge and ambition of the city seems to infect the surrounding communities. Everywhere I go there is the massive sprawl of urban development, big box retail and more and more congestion.

Our house goes up for sale on Sunday afternoon. As a family, we have been working hard to get the house ready. I cannot tell you how many hours that Lorraine and I have spent decluttering our home and making sure that all of the details are in place to show the house effectively. And then we need to deal with all of the logistics around making the move to Kingston.

Exciting times. Stressful times. A new beginning.

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  1. Tim Bailey
    Tim Bailey says:

    Hey!! All the best in this major change. We will be praying for wisdom as you navigate the chaos that is selling and relocating. I have fond memories of childhood in Kingston. We’ll look forward to visiting you in your lakefront home. (?)

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hey Tim! We are looking forward to the move and there is always the possibility of getting a house by the water. Might make a good location for Whisperwood Studios release 3 😉

  3. Andy Bartha
    Andy Bartha says:

    Richard, great to hear about the change – bitter sweet I’m sure…or just trying to relocate from the NFH? LOL. Look forward to seeing the migration and upgrade to the studio ministry… to infinity and beyond!

  4. Rob
    Rob says:

    WHAT??? Sounds like a great opportunity for you. So, now we know why the sudden clean-up


    Richard, many thanks for all the time and guidance you have provided me over the past few years, Pro Tools-wise. You will be sorely missed for sure. Keep in touch and I will with you via your blog.

    So, you have to move a studio – no small feat for sure.

    If you have any spare parts, let me know! 🙂

    All the very best and I wish you a smooth move!


  5. Awel
    Awel says:

    Richard, I was a bit shocked when I read the announcement this morning and I came to check if you have something written about it on your blog. There it is! I just want to thank you for all the help over the years and for sure we are all going to miss you. Change is challenging, but never stops … it is a law of nature as commanded by the creator. I wish you all the best at your new role!



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