We spent most of the long week-end working through some of the clutter in our house. We have a pretty impressive collection of clutter.

Most of the effort today was focused on our book room. The book room is a fairly large area in our basement filled with books and pretty much anything else that we could fit in to the space

The transformation is nothing short of amazing. It took about six hours, but we did an extreme makeover of that room.

I also reorganized the book shelves at the same time. Seemed simple enough until I discovered that there were thousands of books to organize. Books on business, finance, technology, photography, golf, literature, science, music. In a way, we have a small bookstore in our house.

My daughter helped me in getting the books organized. But she faded after a couple of hours. And I almost stopped soon after that. However, with some help and encouragement from my wife the balance of the work was finished and by the end of day we had a clean and organized space.

Getting rid of clutter is proving to be a liberating experience. I am gaining a strong appreciation for minimalism and simplification.

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