Week In Review

From my travels on the web last week.

Ever wondered how Mark Knopfler got that guitar sound on the song Money For Nothing? Wonder no longer. It was just luck.

Thinking about guitarists led me to Kim Mitchell. His site looks pretty good and he has a new CD out.

Some avoid outdoor activities during the black fly season. Count me in.

A friend recommended the PicLens plugin for viewing photos in an entirely new way. Very cool.

This is a very nice bike. Maybe one day.

I guess the sound of this wah pedal is out of this world: Area 51.

It might be the opposite of Inbox but it sure does add a neat feature to Microsoft’s Outlook. Xobni.

Doing a century ride is a milestone event for cyclists. And getting ready for a century ride takes some work. This site can help you get ready for that century ride.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    I like Richard’s better than Kim’s – something about Flash on sites that protracts getting you where you want to go…even if it does have a ‘skip intro’ type message….


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