Richard an Update

Some made an error in an email. They were needing to “Richard an update”. Another person noticed this error and passed along the following:

I like that new verb ”“ to richard an update. Shakespeare invented hundreds of new words, and so can you. We”™ll give this one a bit of a Gallic twist”¦

richarde \REE-shard\, transitive verb

  1. To make sure ”“ really sure – that you know what you are talking about
  2. To be concise and focused on the message
  3. Do you have a message to tell?

Richarde is perhaps from the middle French verb, richarder ”“- to reduce an argument or line of thought to its bare essentials.

“It later came to light that Hulot, in his madness, had failed to richarde his manuscript to the King, who was so confused by Hulot”™s reasoning that he thought Hulot had requested his own execution.” — Pierre Canby, “Monsieur, Ce N”™est Pas Le Rasoir d”™Occam! “, Obelisk Press, Paris, 1952

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