Ride Like The Wind

First outdoor ride of the season tonight. I did a 20 kilometre training run. Average heart rate was 146bpm and the average speed was 21km/h. Not too bad for the first ride out given the strong wind conditions. Heart rate was a bit higher than I would have liked but we do have a lot of hills in the area.

Coming off the ride felt great. The magical rush of endorphins makes the world a wonderful place. Two hours later and my legs are in a lot of pain.

Old age.

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  1. Rob
    Rob says:

    Hi, Richard, yes that time of year again!

    I trust you are doing a mild warm-up followed by a stretch before hopping on the bicycle seat. Similarly, you need to stretch after a workout to ensure the lactic acid is spread evenly around the muscles and so it dissipates. It is the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles after a workout that is the root of a good portion of post-workout pain.

    I have coached soccer for about 14 years where I have learned the post game (or practice) stretch is as important as the pre-game (or practice) work-out/stretch. Also, I am sure you do a mild ”˜warm-up”™ to warm up the muscles before stretching. I liken it to silly-putty where if left in the refrigerator, taken out and pulled apart, it breaks. Warm silly-putty stretches nicely. Same goes for muscles.

    I regularly see coaches immediately instructing their young players to stretch, without having them warm up their muscles. This is in fact damaging to young muscles.

    If you do a good post ride stretch, your will notice reduced pain the following day or two. Guaranteed.


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