The Week in Review

From my travels on the web last week.

Does this mean I have to give up bread?

I am getting a clear bra. Er, for the car of course.

Think that you can torrent without getting caught? Think again. Big brother is watching. Only it is the private sector and not the government.

Even if you blog. Someone might post on their experience with a service like OpenDNS and get the founder of the company asking questions.

And even your internet service provider will control your online experience. To shape it as it sees fit.

Blood pressure was creeping back up into the high zone. Likely due to stress. Always a good idea to keep monitoring. This test is also a good way to assess your risk.

A fireplace or a stereo? I just could not figure this one out. Maybe I should click on the enquiry link.

Obviously nothing to hide. Three ministries — Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Creflo Dollar Ministries, Eddie Long Ministries — have refused to cooperate with the United States Senate Committee on Finance. You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. For a small donation of course. Creflo Dollar offers up his rationale for soaking his donors here. Kenneth Copeland also provides his rationale: concern over public stigma, scorn, and obloquy. Yes. Likely quite valid concerns.

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