Winter Wonderland

This post is for members of our family down in Florida. I am not bitter. This post is for all my friends in sunny and mild climates. I am not bitter. This post is for all those folks who visit the blog and wonder what life is like in Canada during Spring Break. I am not bitter.

Oh. The photo of my house down below? Yes, those snow banks are as high as the garage doors.

Winter 1

And since there is so much snow, we use machines to get around the streets. These machines are called snowmobiles.

Winter 2

And finally, in case you think that a major snowstorm every week isn’t fun, look at my youngest son. That is why I am not bitter. Cold, mind you. But not bitter.

Winter 3

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  1. Dave
    Dave says:

    Do you know that when I moved back from Saskatoon, I thought there might be less of this?
    What a mistake that was.

  2. Rod
    Rod says:

    6″ – that’s all we got … and its already gone 🙁
    It will be almost 60 on Friday… oh well.. guess I’ll just HAVE to get the bike out 🙂


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