Worst Website Designs

I was speaking with someone last night about website development. We talked about current best practices in the design and building of websites.

He is going to try and get a site up using FrontPage. Clearly not a best practice. Hopefully he will avoid building a site like this one or like this one.

From Web Pages That Suck:

Contrary to public perception, Web Pages That Suck (WPTS) does not just feature web design car-wrecks. If I just wanted car wrecks, I’d put up only sites created with Microsoft FrontPage.

To be fair, the issue is not really with the tool. Inexperience and poor design skills likely contribute more to the issue of poor design  than building a site with FrontPage. You can see a reasonable list of the top mistakes the people make with websites here.

Here are a couple of other examples of poor website designs:

Those eyes drive me nuts!

Justice for animals I support. But where is the justice for such a bad design?

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