Week in Review

From my travels on the web last week.

Are you doing a lot of research on the web? Do you want a very handy tool to help you annotate your research? Scrapbook is a Firefox extension that allows you to save Web pages to your local machine and manage the collection.

The current stock market does not bother this gunslinger.

And, if his perspective doesn’t help calm your concerns about the market, this chart might.

Fast Company’s most innovative business people of 2007. Some interesting names. And some surprising names. The slideshow can be found here.

A friend of mine finds himself on Wikipedia. It happens.

How a geek gets ready for the end of the world.

Want to start getting things done? Start here.

Talk about some aggressive goals for a CIO. Randy Mott, currently with HP, is planning to consolidate 85 HP data centers worldwide down to six in the United States; 6,000 legacy applications down to 1,500; 1,240 IT projects down to 700; and 19,000 internal IT and contract workers down to 8,000. He is also looking to flip the ratio of IT workers supporting old applications versus those working on new apps from 70%-30% to 20%-80%, and increase the percent of IT projects being delivered on time from 81% to 98%. And all this in just three years. Note to self: check back in three years.

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