Happy Day

I came down with an ear infection earlier this month that played havoc with my hearing for a couple of weeks.

I thought that it had cleared up earlier this week but on Monday I was back in the world of intense pressure in my inner ear. And some pretty dramatic hearing loss.

I could not hear anything below 349 Hz in my right ear!

Now I should know better. I should have remained positive and optimistic. That was one of my resolutions for the New Year. However, after a couple of weeks of this maddening condition, I became quite negative and pessimistic. Stroke one resolution down.

Perhaps it was time to head over to the doctor and get this thing checked out. Late Monday evening, the pressure in my inner ear subsided.

I just finished testing my hearing and not only can I hear fine below 349 Hz, I can detect equal pitch on both ears and relatively similar levels of amplitude. In other words, back to normal.

This makes me very, very happy.

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