Week in Review

From my travels on the web over the Christmas break.

Top ten tips for getting noticed on Flickr. Some people apparently care about these types of things.

Annoying and bothersome is what I call it. Some might call it an ear infection.

Mars Hill, a growing church in Seattle, has hit the news. And not in a good way. The saga continues here, here and here.

The emergent church is a form of paganism. That assumes, of course, that people have heard about the emergent church. Anyone?

Doug Pagitt is apparently one of the spokespeople for the emergent movement. His well reasoned response to the charge of universalism can be found here. Too much. Just too much. To give you a feel for the discussion, you can hear his views as they were broadcast here and here. Pagitt disagrees with the dualistic-Platonic understanding of the cosmos and denies heaven as a real place.

Amazing. In a league of its own. And it was on my Christmas list.

An interesting online hearing test on equal loudness contours.

This is what I use for processing HDR images. It can be used to create images like this.

Almost ran out of storage for my photos. Time for another 500GB G-Drive.

Slowest update ever. Although, since Time Machine is doing a fine job backing up two disks, local hard drive and photography archive external drive, I am not in that much of a rush.

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  1. steve
    steve says:

    The emergent movement is new to me and not sure if it’s pagan, but what I’ve heard from Pagitt is confusing. In the Youtube video, he denies a physical heaven and hell and he disputes the basis of systematic theology in understanding the Bible. On his blog, he posts opposing views to the emergent movement from John MacArthur, then responds with a curt “Too Much.” Reminds me of a bratty junior higher blowing off a teacher with a “huh” to get a laugh in class.


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