How To Be A Positive Person

My wife and I were talking about optimism and being positive. Being optimistic is expecting the best outcome. Being positive is how we can choose to live. I have a bit of work to do on the latter. I googled on how to become a positive person. Lots of advice out there on the web. However, I decided to ask an expert, my wife. And she came up with most of the major themes that I found on the web.

Positive thoughts and positive words. “I can”, “I will” rather than “I can’t”, “I won’t”.

Smile. The act of smiling forces the body to respond accordingly.

Look for the positive. Keep negativity on the boundary. Keep company with positive people. Read and listen to encouraging messages.

Pray. Some would advocate meditation. Regardless, this simple act of faith helps to reduce the stress and tension of everyday life.

Eat well. Nourishing, healthy food promotes a positive sense of well being.

Exercise. Raising the heart rate also promotes a positive sense of well being.

Simplify. The ability to maintain order and a sense of being in control reduces stress and increases well being.

To which I might add: remember rule number six.

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