Christmas Morning

I was up before everyone else this morning and I thought I would share a couple of pictures from the Cleaver household. This set of photos is before the gifts are brought out from under the tree. My wife does an amazing job of setting up the stockings and wrapping all of the gifts.

My contribution is a small development project that lives under the second Christmas tree in the foyer.

I think I hear the kids rustling so time for me to sign off for today.

Christmas Day 1

Christmas Day 2

Christmas Day 3

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  1. Matt K
    Matt K says:

    Hi Mr. Cleaver!

    Merry Christmas!
    I really like your photos of your house! Did you HDR those? Really spiffy 🙂

    (Oh… You don’t know me, but I’m a friend of Tara. I found your blog through her blog)

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thank you for dropping by the blog. The photos are not HDR. I used a tripod and shot the frames somewhere between 6 and 8 seconds at f11 with a 12-24mm Nikon lens. In Photoshop, I used the lens correction filter to tame down the convergence of the wide angle lens, adjusted the white balance, and followed up with levels, curves, a bit of saturation and sharpening.

    When I do serious photography, it is usually landscapes and I will at times blend frames due to the wide range between sky and foreground.


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