Spinning Wheel

The trouble with winter is that most cyclists have to go indoors to train. Not all of them, mind you. I have seen a few brave souls out there doing their training runs outside. Fanatics.

I have three indoor training devices at my disposal: a computer-controlled recumbent stationary bike, a spinner stationary bike and a mag fluid indoor trainer for my road bike.

The recumbent has its own programs and you set the difficulty level and duration. Gets a bit boring. And although I have a TV in the room, I find the whole experience less than engaging.

Spinning, however, is a very different experience if you happen to have some Spinervals DVDs. Spinervals offers dozens of competitive and fitness DVDs. Challenging and engaging. I come off the bike having worked just as hard as I would have worked on an outdoor ride.

The feeling is also great. Nothing like the rush of endorphins to ease mental stress.

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