Richard’s Christmas List

My wife has been asking me for my Christmas list. And, since there are now only 6 shopping days left before Christmas, I thought I had better get it published before it becomes too late.

I have nine items on my list.

The first item is a Mini Cooper S. I always wanted one of these cars when I was a kid. Santa never brought me one. Well, Santa, if you are out there, I would like to have a fully loaded Mini Cooper S. Approximately $40,000.

Mini Cooper S

The next item on my list is a new Taylor 914CE acoustic guitar. The sleek lines of its Grand Auditorium body are accentuated by a softly-rounded Venetian cutaway, which complement the 914ce’s shimmering appointments. This guitar features the finest Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce and it delivers a tone that can only be described as “an experience.” You get the idea. A real deal for about $5,000.

Taylor 914

Next up is an item for the studio. An API 1608 analog console. This looks like one sweet, tone machine. I suspect that everything passing through its circuits comes out sounding perfectly phat. A bargain Christmas gift at a mere $50,000.

API 1608

Unfortunately, household revenues dropped somewhat dramatically over the past year, so I would accept a substitute for the above console. A D-Command console, although lacking an analog path, would be a step up from my C24 on my Pro Tools HD rig.

D Command

If you have followed my blog for a while, you know that I periodically write about retirement planning. I am interested in retirement. Particularly as I am only a few years away from hanging up the waveforms. However, like most baby boomers, I have been spending my money on Mini Coopers, Taylor guitars, API consoles and D-Commands. I need to top up the retirement fund. Next on my list is a Lotto 649 ticket. I feel lucky. And it costs only 2 dollars.

Lotto 649

This next item was pretty easy. So much so, I am a bit surprised that my wife had not already purchased this for Christmas. A Nikon D3. Think of all the really sweet pictures I could take with this camera. A mere $4,000. Of course, we might have to add a few lenses to go along with the camera body.

Nikon D3

With all of the hard work comes a need to take a well deserved break. And what better gift than a nice Hawaiian cruise? Especially with all of the cold and snow this year. No ordinary cruise mind you. I want one of those high-end suites and the air travel has to be included as well. Business class. Probably $25,000 or so would cover it.


I have always loved going to Arizona. The sun and warmth. The stunning landscapes. The desert. So why not get a new estate home in Arizona? It is Christmas after all. I found one fairly nice property. This tropical, fully furnished custom home is designed with the Scottsdale climate in mind. A modest 10,000 square foot home. With the Canadian dollar at par, there has never been a better time to make the investment. Asking price is only 6.7 million.

Arizona House

So there it is. My Christmas list.

All kidding aside, I am really not looking for anything in particular. I will be happy to celebrate Christmas with my family at home.

Although a new Nikon would be pretty cool.

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