Week in Review

From my travels on the web last week.

Ever wonder how much money the top CIOs in North America make? Wonder no more.

Okay. So this was a bit morbid. I was reading a book and there was a segment in the story which focused on a particularly nasty form of execution through decapitation. So how does it feel to die? There are some answers here.

Someone passed me this clip of an amazing young guitar player. He has recorded in my studio  and, yes, a very talented player.

I read through this book last week. Time to get all of those digital photos organized. Assuming, of course, that you are keeping them safe in the first place.

I am familiar with organizations that fight Software Piracy. I was not aware that there was a need to have one focused strictly on the audio industry. I was wrong.

Is your computer randomly playing classical music? Microsoft knows the answer to that problem.

Starting a bank is easy. Just watch out for ABCP. And Ninjas.

Cool car.

It looks like a few ministries have not responded to the Senate Finance Committee’s request for information. The press release is listed here. Look for the one dated 12-06-07.

Vocal tuning for the masses.

15 ways to de-clutter your mind. After I de-cluttered my mind, I forgot the 15 ways. I had written them down on a piece of paper. But now I can’t find the paper. It is lost somewhere in the paper clutter.  My mind is cluttered again. Drat!

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